specialized coaching


If you are a clergy person serving a congregation, contact me for support with 

       •  conflict management

       •  leading change       

       •  setting priorities

       •  supervision skills

       •  time management

       •  education design

       •  creative liturgy


If you are newly ordained or about to be ordained, I can assist you with

       •  soul-conscious career planning

       •  spiritual practices for deeper ministry

Frank Dunn is an excellent coach for newly minted clergy. He was instrumental in coaching me through my first assignment as a transitional deacon which was to help a struggling congregation discern their future. When the congregation ultimately decided to close, Frank provided a listening ear and wise counsel as I helped guide the parish through their waning days. I am grateful for his ministry of presence.

 — The Rev. Anne Gilson, Harwich, MA

business and non-profit executives 

       •  your soul in the workplace

       •  spiritual disciplines to sustain balance 

       •  team building

       •  skills for effective supervision

       •  mindfulness in hiring practices


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